Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II Video 2014 advertisement


Found footage motion graphics piece for the upcoming Brainsqueeze II festival.

April 18-20th in Oakland California.

Here’s a link to the weekend pass:

Audio written, narrated and recorded by Ross Sewage:

Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering:

Brainsqueeze 2 Poster


This is the tabloid poster that will be going up on poles. Designed this with Scotty, art by Andrei Bouzikov.


New Facebook page

New company name Pentagram Wookie Design. Logo (for now?):





Facebook page for it:


The PW is for Pentagram Wookie, but also because when flipped upside down the logo is my initials MR:


I started using the name Pentagram on my rogue WoW character — I don’t play anymore. I got it from the name from the Virginia doom band.

I added Wookie to it just as a funny thing. I used on several social media later including my Instagram:


Tankcrimes Advert Fall 2013

New motion graphics piece for Tankcrimes:


This is for Bat ‘Primitive Age’ cassette; Iron Reagan, Exhumed split LP; and Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse ‘Splatterhash’ split LP.


Alcoholocaust Flier



New punk flier for Alcoholocaust Presents, an upcoming show, fit, twisted, mix of rock and roll and hardcore. Lecherous Gaze, Autistic Youth, Freedom Club and Reckless. Friday November 8th, seems like it will be a good time, but I’ll be in Peru to play Leuzemia’s 30th anniversary show!


NWN projects and new Danzig flier

Nuclear War Now! Productions recent projects

A photo of care package of some of the more recent projects I have worked on for NWN! Prod. Including Hadez from Peru 3xLP box set four demos ranging from 86-92. Martire LP/CD. Carpathian Forest demos LP. Revenge LP. Blasphemophager picture disc LP.



This is the latest flier I have made, for Danzig and Ghoul at the Warfield. This was a collaboration with Tankcrimes direction, he picked out the old horror movie screen shot. We had never made a flier for Danzig so we were taking it back to the early 90’s and 80’s—all black and white cut and paste style, charge by phone info included and no URL’s (oh woops! just noticed the .com on the AXS logo). Stoked for our friends from Ghoul to be playing this show.

Some of the old black and white Samhain and Misfits fliers were really classic, one with the Necros comes to mind. Also old Goldenvoice fliers / two color posters, the one Otis & Biscuits made for Venom, Exodus & Hirax is awesome, 625 Thrashcore hooked me up with that one a while back.

Spazz LP's La Revancha and Dwarf Jester Rising


I also recently received a care package from 625 Thrashcore for both of these projects. SpazzLa Revancha‘ and ‘Dwarf Jester Rising‘, these look fantastic. La Revencha is on screen printed chip board by Monolith Press, we are currently working on another re-issue of that with reverse board and two spot colors from Pirates Press.



Wreck – Renacer: Discografía 1996-2000

Wreck was a band that we (Asmereir) used to share the stage and hang out with with from 1996-98; in Barranco and Monterrico, mostly, among other places in Lima. There’s a special place in my heart with this release because of that. Cuaderno Roto  is co-releasing this with a couple other labels as a digi-pack. It’s a compilation of demo tapes from that era when we hung out and from some of their later stuff from when I had already moved to SF.


After 11 years of not playing they are having a reunion show, we are all hoping the digipack comes out in time for the show!  They are also playing another show opening for Lag Wagon.


This is the flier art Robert Ojeda created for their headlining reunion show:


I really liked this reunion show flier design and illustration Robert came up with so I asked the label if we can get permission to use his artwork. They got in touch and gave it a go. I decided to reiterate that for the CD cover, since there was no other cover art, or good scans of the original releases provided. I think it works and this looks 90’s skateboard punk-o-rama style as Wreck asked!


Here is the cover I came up with using Roberts artwork:

Wreck Renacer - Digipack portada

We decided to use the bands original logo rather than a typeface for the cover.


This is the back of the digipack:


Good times, shaka brah!


Inside panel of the digipack:



A simple collage of old photos for underneath the cd tray:



We had to rush the layout on this release so that it would hopefully be out in time for the shows. There was no time for review with the band; hopefully it’s all good!


Sabbat monthly t-shirt Web Ad — for Nuclear War…

Full series:


I Recently made this full page web / print ad for  NWN prod. It’s for the Sabbat 30 year anniversary.

Every month for the rest of the year there will be a new t-shirt design disclosed.




Each months design will be announced with an ad like this.

Buried by Time and Dust

Pagan Altar reissue

Buried by Time and Dust brothers do it again! The Pagan Altar “Mythical and Magical” LP I helped with got record of the week over at Pirates Press. I guess you can’t go wrong with awesome doom metal, a massive medieval deco style foil-stamp, deboss and tip-on jacket!





Hope I get to see and listen to this in person one day.





The vinyl comes in either gold or black:




Pictures taken from Pirates Press and Buried by Time and Dust sites:



Mortem surf version cover song

This is a project I did just for fun over the past couple days:


I had the idea of doing one of these ‘Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music’ but for a Peruvian band of course. Mortem’s ‘Lycanthropes’ seemed like a good choice. Found some old Herbie Fletcher footage to put on in reverse along with some effects to make it look extra cold and necro.

I was very analytical of each part to keep them close to the original however played in the surf style. If I could do it over again I would have added some walrus samples in the same part as the original goes into some wolf samples.