Los Huaycos — T-shirt for sale



These T-shirts are for sale at the Los Huaycos Band Camp:


Illustration by Andrei Bouzikov logo by me. The design went in several directions being directed by the whole band I had to quickly try out several different logo options and placements. We experimented with the title and different colors too. Renzo Gianella, Garzo and Ryan Brundage all pitched in with art direction until we had something everyone could agree on. We are all happy with how these came out and can’t wait to come up with more merch for the band!

Los Huaycos cassette tapes

Los Huaycos tapes are up for sale at our bandcamp:


These are also available at 1234 Go! in Oakland and Amoeba in Berkeley.

This is the square version of the cover currently only used for digital, it may be used later for CD or vinyl versions of this album.


I’m happy with the layout on this but it was really a group effort. We had it printed as a 2 color at Econopress in Oakland; released on our drummers tape label, Pfantone Labs, cover art by Andrei Bouzikov.

tape3tape1 los-huaycos-cassette-photo

New Facebook page

New company name Pentagram Wookie Design. Logo (for now?):





Facebook page for it:



The PW is for Pentagram Wookie, but also because when flipped upside down the logo is my initials MR:


I started using the name Pentagram on my rogue WoW character — I don’t play anymore. I got it from the name from the Virginia doom band.

I added Wookie to it just as a funny thing. I used on several social media later including my Instagram:


New flyers and stuff for 2012

It’s been a minute…

New Bad Coyotes logo. The idea was that we needed a new logo. We researched some old album covers for ideas. There was some logo styles by The Ventures we were into and some other mostly 60’s rocknroll we were diggin’. But one look at the Perez Prado’s ‘Great  Mambos’ told us we should just scan the letters and rearrange them to work for our logo.


Thats a picture of the record we scanned to reiterate the letters for our new logo.

Bad Coyotes finally got out of the analog only realm and we started a fabo page, here’s the link if you wanna like us:


We will be recording a new cassette tape in the next month or so that should be making it to a Bandcamp page that will connect to our Fabo page soon too.


Punks flier attack:

All these have semi-large halftone dot’s so they look kinda funny on screen, but the hi-res will print nicely.

This is a Bloody Phoenix flyer I made just now for the people over at Six Weeks Records.


One of my bands, Uptown Leisure Boys is playing a gig this weekend with Abrupt for our cassette release so I had to make a flyer. My old friend Garzo from Peru will be playing with his new band out here Raised by Zebras.


My friend Josh is booking a show for Sickoids who is on tour from the east coast. He needed help with a flyer, so I made this one for him.


Ghoul’s Kickstarter video was an awesome project that I had a chance to work on. There were several parties involved. Dan Hashthrash was in charge of the shooting and editing for the first portion of the video. Ross Sewage was in charge of the sound and voice overdubs. Sean McGrath selected additional material for me to work with and gave me direction. Finally I was in charge of motion graphics —explosion. Not only were they happy with the video but funding was a success —another explosion. It was a good team team effort. Pledging ended merely 10 hours ago and they should be able to buy a van soon for there upcoming tour with Gwar. —okay another explosion.

Some upcoming layout stuff that I am stoked to be working on are ‘Toxic Waste’ Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust split with Andrei Bouzikov artwork on Tankcrimes. Also lots of stuff coming up on Shadow Kingdom Records, Nuclear War Now!, Buried by Time and Dust, a new release on Six Weeks Records and after a while and it looks like I might start working on some stuff with Prank Records again in the near future as well.