Skeletons, Morbs, and Tsathoggua Dancing

Are you a fan of Skin Crawl 2, the comic book series by Skinner? If you are, you’ll love these two tshirt video ads we made in Blender 3.5. Featuring the Morbs character and Tsathoggua, the giant toad god, these ads will make your skin crawl with excitement. Join us as we take a closer look at these creepy and cool t-shirts.

The first tshirt features Morbs, the mischievous and mysterious character from Skin Crawl 2. In the ad, a skeleton dances with style as it wears the Morbs tshirt. The dancing skeleton, combined with the eerie audio track, creates a perfect atmosphere for fans of horror and dark humor. The voiceover was done by me, reading Skinner’s own text, and the music and sound effects were created by me as well, with Skinner’s direction.

Skin Crawl – ‘Morbs’ T-shirt ad

The second tshirt ad features Tsathoggua, the giant toad god who has a prominent role in one of the Skin Crawl 2 stories. Tsathoggua is depicted in all his glory on the t-shirt, and the skeleton dancer in this ad pays tribute to this fearsome deity. Again, the voiceover, music, and sound effects were created by me with Skinner’s direction, and the visuals were made using Blender 3.5.

Skin Crawl ‘Tsathoggua’ – Tshirt Ad

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Skin Crawl 2 and love tshirts with a creepy vibe, these ads are perfect for you. With their eye-catching visuals and creepy audio, they’re sure to grab people’s attention. Plus, they’re high-quality and made with top-notch animation software. They feature Morbs and Tsathoggua, two of the most popular characters from the series. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. Get your Skin Crawl Tshirt today and join the dance of the skeletons!

You can order these T-shirts here:

Metamorphosis Mini-Tour Mounstraso 2018

The final graphic.

Metamorphosis asked me to do a tour graphic for a t-shirt. They asked for it to be a graphic that could be screen printed in two color.

I had talked with them a little bit about the graphic ideas. Possibly a tiger chicken bat idea, but they asked for a crab hand in there too. Here’s my process:

I started out with this collage as a sort of sketch for the graphic.

The next step was to print it out in cyan (or any color that could later be removed) to go over it with india ink.

This was my initial ink, when I saw it the next day I wasn’t that happy with it but I went with it anyways.

This was the first rendition of the tour graphic. I submitted it to the band as a preview but I told them it was okay but could be better. I thought of using some Peruvian landscape in the background printed as halftone dots, this one was too muddy as well. The band wanted me to use the logo I had previously drawn for them too, and hand-done text. We also talked about a different color scheme.

The next step was to print it out in two sheets to get higher detail.

Printing it bigger allowed me to trace it in India ink with higher detail.
Cyan removed and line art cleaned up!

This is where the tour graphic initially went, I drew the text by hand, I think this was what the band asked for. The final rendition was simplified a little bit from this, without the reflected text and the additional lines on the top part.

Asmereir – tshirt web ad


Web ad for ‘Asmereir – Destroysaso’ t-shirt design I also did that just came out for sale today in Perú at a small music shop in Barranco called El Anexxxo.

Tankcrimes Advert Fall 2013

New motion graphics piece for Tankcrimes:


This is for Bat ‘Primitive Age’ cassette; Iron Reagan, Exhumed split LP; and Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse ‘Splatterhash’ split LP.

Sabbat monthly t-shirt Web Ad — for Nuclear War…

Full series:


I Recently made this full page web / print ad for  NWN prod. It’s for the Sabbat 30 year anniversary.

Every month for the rest of the year there will be a new t-shirt design disclosed.




Each months design will be announced with an ad like this.

“Toxic Waste” Municipal Waste // Toxic Holocaust 12″ split…

Here’s a project I worked on today that was fun. A little motion graphics diddy for Tankcrimes new release. Scotty did the voice over, we added effects to make it sound unusual. We used one of the Toxic Holocaust tracks:




This is the web ad we did last night for web and fabo applications:



Brainsqueeze Advertizing

Ad we made for Decibel Magazine. When the art isn’t ready yet, scan something else and pull out a typewriter.

The 11×17, this is for an offset 2 color print. There will be a 2 color screen print version much bigger, but not sure what size yet, and will be printed at Monolith Press. Illustration by Andrei Bouzikov.

2 sided handbills. Very old-school use of Futura Bold on the back.