LA Thrash Bash

Flyer for 33 and West – LA Thrash Bash 2021

Flyer design for an all-ages show happening at the Whiskey A Go Go with Hirax, Evil Dead, Art of Shock and Fueled by Fire, August 20th, 2021.


Free Stippling Brush Set

I have an upcoming illustration project which will require some stippling brushes. Therefore I decided to make a Photoshop brush set with 4 stippling brushes of different scattering amounts and radiuses. Consequently, I figured it should also include a couple of line art brushes to go along with the stipples. I made this quick promo piece for fun and to test out the brushes and boy are they fun to use! So here’s the set with the 8 Photoshop brushes for you to enjoy as well:

Up close stippling, zoomed in about 200%.

Motion Graphics

La Casaca de Chewbacca

La Casaca de Chewbacca – music video project for Los Descuajeringados del Norte, a parallel music project to Los Huaycos. Made in Blender 2.90 with downloaded 3D assets.

The goal was to quickly make a fully 3D animated video, so no raytracing, this is all rendered in the ‘realtime’ rendering engine, Eevee.

That is not a Wookie model, it’s a human model but with added hair particles.

Motion Graphics

Pedal of Doom – promo videos

The Pedal of Doom is a unique boutique distortion/fuzz pedal is sure to give you the extra sonic buzz you’re looking for. All the proceeds from this pedal’s sales go to helping fund the animated fantasy film, the Planet of Doom, getting finished! Get in on this preorder pedal or forever long for the distorted plateaus of shredder hell that you’ll miss! Pedal of Doom made by ITS ELECTRIC!

Pedal company Produced by / Script / Direction / Acting: Skinner

Animation: Mark Reategui

Pedal of Doom – Commercial

Produced by / Script / Direction / Acting: Skinner

Acting: Garzo Garcia

Video Editing: Mark Reategui

Motion Graphics

Rock the Ship – Eli’s After Party – Promo…

This is and Instagram promo video for the Pirates Press ‘Rock the Ship’ after-party at Eli’s Mile High Club, Saturday, October 19, 9:30pm with KICKER, Roadside Bombs, The Vicius Cycles and a secret special guest.

Original flyer backdrop illustration by Tim Armstrong, song is ‘Wankers on The Bus’ by Kicker. I used the art as backdrop and animated it in After Effects, the text I cut out by hand from the flier and did stop motion with greenscreen, did the voiceover too.