Free Stippling Brush Set

I have an upcoming illustration project which will require some stippling brushes. Therefore I decided to make a Photoshop brush set with 4 stippling brushes of different scattering amounts and radiuses. Consequently, I figured it should also include a couple of line art brushes to go along with the stipples. I made this quick promo piece for fun and to test out the brushes and boy are they fun to use! So here’s the set with the 8 Photoshop brushes for you to enjoy as well:

Up close stippling, zoomed in about 200%.

Huaycal Engineer

A personal project, Huaycal Engineering is a featherbrained humor youtube project I made with some friends. Huaycal Engineer Vol. 1 was the song for it, this is the album cover graphic; something quick & fun using India ink and calligraphy pens.

Metamorphosis Mini-Tour Mounstraso 2018

The final graphic.

Metamorphosis asked me to do a tour graphic for a t-shirt. They asked for it to be a graphic that could be screen printed in two color.

I had talked with them a little bit about the graphic ideas. Possibly a tiger chicken bat idea, but they asked for a crab hand in there too. Here’s my process:

I started out with this collage as a sort of sketch for the graphic.

The next step was to print it out in cyan (or any color that could later be removed) to go over it with india ink.

This was my initial ink, when I saw it the next day I wasn’t that happy with it but I went with it anyways.

This was the first rendition of the tour graphic. I submitted it to the band as a preview but I told them it was okay but could be better. I thought of using some Peruvian landscape in the background printed as halftone dots, this one was too muddy as well. The band wanted me to use the logo I had previously drawn for them too, and hand-done text. We also talked about a different color scheme.

The next step was to print it out in two sheets to get higher detail.

Printing it bigger allowed me to trace it in India ink with higher detail.
Cyan removed and line art cleaned up!

This is where the tour graphic initially went, I drew the text by hand, I think this was what the band asked for. The final rendition was simplified a little bit from this, without the reflected text and the additional lines on the top part.

Flier for tonights show and Alternative Tentacles catalog cover

This is a flier where I wanted to practice some blackletter calligraphy some more. I used a small calligraphy pen and blew up the text for some extra blown out grimy scruff. I had drawn the skull for something different. The dragon was another drawing.

Breakout is a band from Austin, they are gonna get down and dirty in Oakland. I stole the little Texas logo from Chaos in Tejas fest as well as the border. Los Huaycos, Acrylics and Pure are also playing.


This is next one is for the Alternative Tentacles catalog coming in this summer, maybe it’s already out, it was supposed to be ready by Punk Rock Bowling. The center graphic with the skull was something that I didn’t use for a logo project:


The Japanese letters say ‘Alternative’ on one corner and ‘Tentacles’ on the other. This graphic was approved by Jello Biafra.

Asmereir stuff // Vitamin X

Just last night I finished a new t-shirt design for my band in Perú, Asmereir. We don’t often get to play or have merch made so this is an exciting opportunity.


Here’s some close up’s of illustration. Cow skull and leaf area:


Custom distressed text:


This is a species of pelican that is found in the Amazon:


This is a tour poster for Vitamin X. Art by John Baizley and directed by Tankcrimes:

Asmereir – Ritmo Barato illustration

Cabeza de Jabali (Warthog head) illustration and pre-flyer that the booking company, Evil Empire Peru, asked us to make:


The in progress tracing of Cabesa De Jabali. It’s kind of a self portrait:


Just the drawing of Cabesa de Jabali, this along with some other illustration will be used for ‘Ritmo Barato’ the upcoming album.



This is the cover for the previous album, a collection of demo’s, rehearsals and unreleased tracks. Cut and paste style:

Drawing skulls don’t pay bills

but they are fun to draw with a sharpie on unpaid bills.

Nothing new out in a while that I can recall that I worked on.

Currently finishing up Blasphemophagher “The III Command of the Absolute Chaos” layout. LP approval is going on right now and CD is about to be sent off. Pictures of that when it comes out. Awesome paintings by Paolo “Madman” Girardi.

Ghoul “Transmission Zero” is at the press right now and is out due Nov. 8 on Tankcrimes. Great artwork by Bill Hauser! The band and label were thrilled with the artwork but not exactly happy with the coloring so Bill was nice enough to send us a layered version. They had me change it to their desire and match the color scheme they had in mind. Here’s a before:

And after:

Tankcrimes Box Set design

This is a Box Set that came out almost a year ago on Tankcrimes. Some of the bands featured in this box-set are Population Reduction, Vitamin X, Cannabis Corpse, Voetsek and ANS. It shows one of my favorite own illustrations. A chicken where the neck folds around the box.

Here it is on template all folded out:

For more pictures of the screen printed process and finished product:

A limited edition poster was printed of just the chicken with out the lines.