Drawing skulls don’t pay bills


Drawing skulls don’t pay bills

but they are fun to draw with a sharpie on unpaid bills.

Nothing new out in a while that I can recall that I worked on.

Currently finishing up Blasphemophagher “The III Command of the Absolute Chaos” layout. LP approval is going on right now and CD is about to be sent off. Pictures of that when it comes out. Awesome paintings by Paolo “Madman” Girardi.

Ghoul “Transmission Zero” is at the press right now and is out due Nov. 8 on Tankcrimes. Great artwork by Bill Hauser! The band and label were thrilled with the artwork but not exactly happy with the coloring so Bill was nice enough to send us a layered version. They had me change it to their desire and match the color scheme they had in mind. Here’s a before:

And after:

Mark Reategui