Motion Graphics

Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II – festival video advertisement, April 2014:

This is a 3 minute commercial for a 3 day festival in Oakland, it is quickly selling out!

Motion graphics assignment for Tankcrimes:

Ghoul covering “Americanized” originally by Gwar, featuring Uderus Urungus.

Ghoul Kickstarter Video, February 2012:

The Kickstarter video was a success, Ghoul got the money and went on tour in a new van. 🙂

Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust – Split LP Tankcrimes promo video:

Study project: Facebook insights, December 2011:

This was a motion graphics study project I did just for practice and as a sample for Levitate Media.

Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze – festival announcement advertisement, September 2010:

Asmereir Arequipa spot, June 2012:

Direct Control “Bucktown Hardcore” LP TC41 Tankcrimes promo video, October 2010: