Give Praise Enter button / Volture site / Asta Kask reissues

Volture site (custom WordPress template):

Fucking Volture bro! The website is done, check it out. They had a really rad site designed by Nathcore who rules but they needed something that they could easily update so I offered to make them a wordpress powered site. I am happy to say they are really stoked on their new site and that they have been updating it pretty frequently! This band kicks ass.



So the LP layout for the Belgian hardcore band Reproach is finally done! That is exciting stuff! It turned out really cool with sweet Andrei Bouzikov artwork on the cover and back. Next up on the agenda is the CD version, which is basically the same deal but it will include a Japanese translation of the lyrics. Pretty awesome. The CD will be out on Crew For Life from Japan and the LP on Deep Six Records.


I have also been working diligently with the legendary hardcore power violence band Spazz on their La Revancha re-issue. This will be screen printed with white and black ink on chip board which will turn out really classy. Martyrdod are some sick d-beat crusters from Sweden. I just sent off the separations for the screen printed cover of their new album Sect. This is another black and white ink on chip board adventure which is gonna be awesome. It is the Prank Records US edition to be printed over at Monolith Press. There will also be an offset full color version with gatefold covers and insert, so rad!


Do you love 80’s Swedish punk? Get stoked dude because a couple of weeks ago I finished designing the Asta Kask reissues on Prank Records! One of the things I designed is a collection of the 7″ box set. We went for an “ancient” look on these, to try to make them look as much as possible like the original seven inches. We even went as far as designing two color covers (instead of cmyk) and black ink on colored paper for the center labels. My favorite part was redesigning the labels to create the illusion of utmost authenticity.

For example this original was on Pang:

Here’s the redone one on Prank records:


Give Praise Records ‘Enter’ animated gif, Paul changes his site layout pretty frequently so it might be gone by now, it may also make a come back at any given time:


GPR Absurd Blog Theme

I decided to take a new approach with my latest website, the Give Praise Records Absurd downloads blog theme.

Paul Praise contacted me about creating a header image for his new blog. Since I’ve worked with Paul in the past I wanted to do something more fun and decided to make a wordpress theme that he would really enjoy instead. He already has a blog for his label, Give Praise Records, but he wanted a separate blog for free downloads of obscure demos and other rarities by bands on his label. The concept would be ‘absurdity’ in a Chevy Chase (who has been kind of an icon for GPR), beach scenes and whatever goes kind of  way. I chose pizzas, monkeys and robots of course.

This is the header for the home page, which also features the A-Team van, a World War II German failed attempt at a flying saucer, Vincent the thrash cat and Linda Blair.

This is the header for rest of  the blog.  As a side note, while I was making this I wasn’t sure if the ‘pages option’ was going to be used for this blog, so this header still has the ‘about link’ at the top. In the future, if Paul decides to use pages at some point with this blog it will look nice either way. Part of the point of using a CMS is giving the client this type of flexibility.

Finally, this is the footer with sidebar elements. Check out the the clear tapes—the transparency aspect adds a cool detail on the images and the cassettes give it a real old-school touch.

launch site: absurd.givepraiserecords.com