Tankcrimes Takeover of 924 Gilman promo video

Motion graphics / editing project / audio: Promotional Video for show coming up next week, February 13th 2015 in Berkeley at 924 Gilman with Ghoul, The Shrine, Born/Dead, Brainoil and Connoisseur.

I did all the voiceover / audio on this project as well which is somewhat different for me. I had to do this one super quick since the show is coming up so soon. It was fun animating the skull sync up with the dialogue!

Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II Video 2014 advertisement

Found footage motion graphics piece for the upcoming Brainsqueeze II festival.

April 18-20th in Oakland California.

Here’s a link to the weekend pass:


Audio written, narrated and recorded by Ross Sewage: doktorsewage.com

Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering: mammothsoundmastering.com

Brainsqueeze 2 Poster


This is the tabloid poster that will be going up on poles. Designed this with Scotty, art by Andrei Bouzikov.

Tankcrimes Advert Fall 2013

New motion graphics piece for Tankcrimes:

This is for Bat ‘Primitive Age’ cassette; Iron Reagan, Exhumed split LP; and Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse ‘Splatterhash’ split LP.

Mortem surf version cover song

This is a project I did just for fun over the past couple days:

I had the idea of doing one of these ‘Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music’ but for a Peruvian band of course. Mortem’s ‘Lycanthropes’ seemed like a good choice. Found some old Herbie Fletcher footage to put on in reverse along with some effects to make it look extra cold and necro.

I was very analytical of each part to keep them close to the original however played in the surf style. If I could do it over again I would have added some walrus samples in the same part as the original goes into some wolf samples.

Bad Coyotes video

This video was a fun little shindig to make. Not exactly motion graphics, more just editing:


“Toxic Waste” Municipal Waste // Toxic Holocaust 12″ split…

Here’s a project I worked on today that was fun. A little motion graphics diddy for Tankcrimes new release. Scotty did the voice over, we added effects to make it sound unusual. We used one of the Toxic Holocaust tracks:



This is the web ad we did last night for web and fabo applications:



Raised by Zebras video

My friend Garzo who is an old friend from Peru and now lives in the Bay Area just finished making an awesome stop motion origami based video for his band ‘Raised by Zebras’. He has done several videos for his bands in the past and this is by far my favorite one he has made:



I didn’t have anything to do with the visuals on this one, however I did the recording for this session for them. It was mixed by Garzo and mastered by El Chino Saito.

Kicking Spit “Truth or Consequences” music video

Here’s the new video for Kicking Spit. The music was recorded by Mark Bronzino who also plays guitar in the band and in A.N.S. The video was originally shot and edited by Peter Azen. Scotty from Tankcrimes came to me with a concept and I went from there with some animation and compositing.

Two of my bands are having releases around the same time. I worked on the layout for both of these releases. Bad Coyotes came out with a 45 a few weeks ago. Here’s a of it of it on the record player:

The cover of the seven inch with hand drawn logo by Jason Coyote, the singer:

And my other band Uptown Leisure Boys cassette should be out soon as well: