Logo, t-shirt, business cards, WordPress site customization for Bon² Bakeshop:


Promo Ad for T-shirts and designs

T-shirt designs and social media promotion for Los Huaycos:


T-shirt illustration and graphic for social media promotion:


Los Huaycos — T-shirt for sale



These T-shirts are for sale at the Los Huaycos Band Camp:


Illustration by Andrei Bouzikov logo by me. The design went in several directions being directed by the whole band I had to quickly try out several different logo options and placements. We experimented with the title and different colors too. Renzo Gianella, Garzo and Ryan Brundage all pitched in with art direction until we had something everyone could agree on. We are all happy with how these came out and can’t wait to come up with more merch for the band!


Verbal Abuse, Coke Bust show and Asmereir hoodie

Six Weeks Records – Flier for upcoming Verbal Abuse, Coke Bust show.

Asmereir - hoodie
Asmereir – Circle logo for hoodies concept.

Asmereir - capucha atras
Same hoodie concept, back. An updated graphic from 2003. This will work for a tshirt graphic as well.


Italian Doom Logo

Italian Doom Logo for back of Run After To – tshirt design produced by Shadow Kingdom Records.

Italian Doom Logo - Shadow Kingdom Records


Here’s a mock up of the actual shirt:

Run After To shirt mockups


Kicking Spit tshirt design and Givepraise logo

Kicking Spit "Jackalope"

Kicking Spit, Jackalope t-shirt illustration

This is a T-shirt logo / illustration design for Kicking Spit. Mark Bronzino from ANS is playing guitar and singing á la Dinosaur Jr. I am really happy with how this illustration turned out. Jackalopes are bad ass. I hope these get printed soon cause I want one! The 90’s are back, forget your iPhone bust out a pager dog.

This is a quick logo design for a new blog by Give Praise Records. Goin’ for some pointy thrashy style.


Voetsek – Bay Area Fast

I read Sean Clivers’ ‘Disposable‘, a skateboard art history book a while back when it first came out. He mentions how M. C. Escher was a huge influence on Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. If you look at MCE’s ‘Dragon‘ and then look at VCJ’s Powell Peralta 1980 Steve Caballero deck, the influence is especially noticeable. However, VCJ ran with it. That style of line really art lends itself to screen-printing on skateboard decks with a clean yet very edgy esthetic.

I’m not sure if Durer was ever mentioned in the book, but one day I stared at Durers’ ‘Revelation Four Riders’ for a long time and then went on to play World of Warcraft. As I was playing I was inspired and doodled on a piece of paper thinking of this style of line art and how cool it was.

Then Voetsek had to go on their 2008 tour and they needed a new shirt design. Scotty walked in my room and saw one of the doodles. He liked it so much he said, “That one! That’s the shirt”. They went ahead and had the shirts made and it was the best seller on that tour. It sold out before the tour was even over!

Since the shirt did so well on tour they decided to have it available through Warlord Clothing. You can order it here.