Asmereir – tshirt web ad


Web ad for ‘Asmereir – Destroysaso’ t-shirt design I also did that just came out for sale today in PerĂş at a small music shop in Barranco called El Anexxxo.


Tankcrimes Advert Fall 2013

New motion graphics piece for Tankcrimes:

This is for Bat ‘Primitive Age’ cassette; Iron Reagan, Exhumed split LP; and Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse ‘Splatterhash’ split LP.


Sabbat monthly t-shirt Web Ad — for Nuclear War Now! Productions

Full series:


I Recently made this full page web / print ad for  NWN prod. It’s for the Sabbat 30 year anniversary.

Every month for the rest of the year there will be a new t-shirt design disclosed.




Each months design will be announced with an ad like this.


“Toxic Waste” Municipal Waste // Toxic Holocaust 12″ split ad.

Here’s a project I worked on today that was fun. A little motion graphics diddy for Tankcrimes new release. Scotty did the voice over, we added effects to make it sound unusual. We used one of the Toxic Holocaust tracks:



This is the web ad we did last night for web and fabo applications:




Cannabis Corpse ‘Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise’ available from Tankcrimes now!

The official release date for this was yesterday. Awesome artwork by Andrei Bouzikov! Available directly from Tankcrimes on CD, Splatter, Bong Water Blue and Die Hard:



Here’s the ad we made for Terrorizer Magazine:


This is a blast from the past, from the 2009 release ‘The Weeding’, killer artwork by Andrei Bouzikov on this one too!:



This one is also still available from Tankcrimes on Splatter.



Brainsqueeze Advertizing

Ad we made for Decibel Magazine. When the art isn’t ready yet, scan something else and pull out a typewriter.

The 11×17, this is for an offset 2 color print. There will be a 2 color screen print version much bigger, but not sure what size yet, and will be printed at Monolith Press. Illustration by Andrei Bouzikov.

2 sided handbills. Very old-school use of Futura Bold on the back.