Wreck – Renacer: Discografía 1996-2000


Wreck – Renacer: Discografía 1996-2000

Wreck was a band that we (Asmereir) used to share the stage and hang out with with from 1996-98; in Barranco and Monterrico, mostly, among other places in Lima. There’s a special place in my heart with this release because of that. Cuaderno Roto  is co-releasing this with a couple other labels as a digi-pack. It’s a compilation of demo tapes from that era when we hung out and from some of their later stuff from when I had already moved to SF.


After 11 years of not playing they are having a reunion show, we are all hoping the digipack comes out in time for the show!  They are also playing another show opening for Lag Wagon.


This is the flier art Robert Ojeda created for their headlining reunion show:


I really liked this reunion show flier design and illustration Robert came up with so I asked the label if we can get permission to use his artwork. They got in touch and gave it a go. I decided to reiterate that for the CD cover, since there was no other cover art, or good scans of the original releases provided. I think it works and this looks 90’s skateboard punk-o-rama style as Wreck asked!


Here is the cover I came up with using Roberts artwork:

Wreck Renacer - Digipack portada

We decided to use the bands original logo rather than a typeface for the cover.


This is the back of the digipack:


Good times, shaka brah!


Inside panel of the digipack:



A simple collage of old photos for underneath the cd tray:



We had to rush the layout on this release so that it would hopefully be out in time for the shows. There was no time for review with the band; hopefully it’s all good!

Mark Reategui