Pagan Altar reissue

Buried by Time and Dust brothers do it again! The Pagan Altar “Mythical and Magical” LP I helped with got record of the week over at Pirates Press. I guess you can’t go wrong with awesome doom metal, a massive medieval deco style foil-stamp, deboss and tip-on jacket!





Hope I get to see and listen to this in person one day.





The vinyl comes in either gold or black:




Pictures taken from Pirates Press and Buried by Time and Dust sites:





Mortem surf version cover song

This is a project I did just for fun over the past couple days:

I had the idea of doing one of these ‘Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music’ but for a Peruvian band of course.¬†Mortem’s ‘Lycanthropes’¬†seemed like a good choice. Found some old Herbie Fletcher footage to put on in reverse along with some effects to make it look extra cold and necro.

I was very analytical of each part to keep them close to the original however played in the surf style. If I could do it over again I would have added some walrus samples in the same part as the original goes into some wolf samples.


Short Fast and Loud #27

Short Fast and Loud is an annual zine that I have been helping out for a while now. This years issue features Acrostix from Japan on the cover. Articles on Infest and Backslider.

Just started working on this last night so this is a work in progress. Photo by¬†Rafa “Misoshiru of Death”