Von Goat “Septic Illumination” LP Layout

Von Goat – Septic Illumanation LP cover.

Inside gatefold.

Back of the LP.

Lyric page LP insert.


Three versions of this release are available, Die Hard LP, Regular LP, and CD.

Look it up in the NWN prod. web store!


Brainsqueeze Advertizing

Ad we made for Decibel Magazine. When the art isn’t ready yet, scan something else and pull out a typewriter.

The 11×17, this is for an offset 2 color print. There will be a 2 color screen print version much bigger, but not sure what size yet, and will be printed at Monolith Press. Illustration by Andrei Bouzikov.

2 sided handbills. Very old-school use of Futura Bold on the back.